Promoting Coworkers

I am all for shameless self promotion. However, I also believe that we should seek out opportunities to promote and lift up our coworkers.

I recently had such an opportunity. I have been a CISSP for many years, and CSSLP for a few. ISC2 annually asks for nominations for the Security Industry Leadership Awards. This year, I took the opportunity to do a write up for one of my coworkers, Mack Bhatia. The nomination process was lengthy. It took several days to complete the nomination in it’s entirety. This involved gathering all of the necessary facts and corresponding documentation. Turns out, it was well worth the effort.

Mack was notified that he was a finalist. For this, he and I were able to attend the ISC2 awards gala in Orlando. About a week before we attended, Mack got a call asking for the pronunciation of his last name. He told me about this, and I tried to keep him grounded by telling him that they may just need his name for when they announce the finalists. I can thankfully say I was wrong. Mack won this year’s ISC2 award for Information Security Practitioner. He even picked up some hardware to bring back to his office.

Take the time to promote your coworkers. It benefits them, it benefits your company, and you do a good deed in the process.

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