I took the Xamarin Challenge

I recently took and completed a Xamarin challenge put forward by Thurrot. This was an interesting challenge as it consisted of 3 separate submissions. After each submission, I had to wait about 72 hours for my submission to be acknowledged, and the next piece of the challenge to be unlocked. The application they had us create was a simple cross platform weather app.


Part 1

The first part of the challenge had you get your Xamarin dev environment set up (woot! already had that part done).  Next we had to get the application set up, get some images downloaded and added to the app within each platform. This part of the challenge seemed to be basically, get your dev environment set up, get your app set up, get the right NuGet packages installed, and get some base code added. In the end, I had a functional application using my unique Xamarin challenge code.


Part 2

The next part of the challenge had me adding geolocation support. This was done via the Xam.Plugin.Geolocator package. This extended the functionality of the app to use your current location to retrieve the weather. We also extended the application to add a forecast option. Rather than just the current weather, the app could now pull the future forecast.


Part 3

The final piece of the challenge had me adding setting up Visual Studio Mobile center to add crash analytics. This was done by adding the Microsoft.Azure.Mobile.Analytics package and the Microsoft.Azure.Mobile.Crashes package to the app. I then had to add some code the the app to cause a crash (intentionally adding bugs is always fun). Easy Peasy, final app submitted!

Overall this challenge was fun. It was a great way to introduce people to Xamarin and the simplicity of creating cross platform applications with this tool. Completing the challenge puts me in the running to win a Surface studio. That would just be icing on the cake!


GitHub for project: https://github.com/jwilsonjx/XamarinCoolBreezeChallenge




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