Hello MCSD

This summer, Microsoft began offering a path for developers to achieve their Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer certification through developing an application for the Windows store. I saw the posting on one of the Microsoft twitter accounts and immediately inquired. I was pretty excited when I learned that I was one of 100 developers accepted into the program.

I was given a set of features that the application had to have, and then from there I was free to create any kind of app I chose. Microsoft assigned a developer to me to review my application and ensure it was meeting the guidelines that had been put forth. Once my application was certified and into the app store, I had to pass the Programming in C# exam. Then viola, MCSD.

This was a fun foray into XAML for me. I had not worked with it much other than tinkering around with some early Silverlight. I came to enjoy coding with it and am looking forward to parlaying those skills into some Xamarin development. The icing on the cake was that I was one of the first to complete the program and Microsoft contacted me to do a write up about my experience and my application.

You can read more about it here:


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