Xamarin DevDays

April 29, 2017 Jason Wilson 0

What in the world is a Xamarin dev day? I’m finding out that it is much more than the average hackathon. In addition to building […]

Kicking and Screaming

April 22, 2017 Jason Wilson 1

I reluctantly took the plunge into Bluetooth headphones. I have gone several months with my iPhone 7, using the supplied dongle as needed (don’t even […]

Promoting Coworkers

October 17, 2016 Jason Wilson 0

I am all for shameless self promotion. However, I also believe that we should seek out opportunities to promote and lift up our coworkers. I […]

Code On The Beach

August 17, 2016 Jason Wilson 0

Code On The Beach… wait what, my laptop, near sand and water? Whose bright ideas was this? Actually, it was a pretty awesome conference. For […]